Have you ever thought about the Benefits of Meditation?

Nov 10, 2021

 Today for #WellnessWednesday, we dive into the transformative world of meditation and touch on the amazing mental, emotional, and physical benefits this practice can give to those new or well seasoned in this wellness tool.

According to the father of mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh, you don’t need to spend years on top of a mountain to benefit from meditation. Simply being aware of your breath and the present moment, regardless of if you are new or familiar to the practice, benefits your wellbeing.

If you’re new to meditation, here are 5 benefits this practice can give to people from all walks of life that will make you want to give it a try!

The 5 Benefits Of Meditation

  1. Increases Self Awareness
    Self awareness can quickly go out the window in our hectic schedules. It’s no surprise that people don’t realize they are off balance until their body sends out a strong signal such as physical pain, anxiety or illness.

    Meditation helps people tap into more subtle signals our body gives to help bring ourselves back to centre. Taking the time to pause, breathe and be mindful of our inner workings increases self-awareness.

    For instance, there are meditations that do ‘body scans’ where you become mindful towards how your body is physically feeling. You may realize your jaw is tight, your back is tense, or your stomach is uneasy with just a few deep breaths. Noticing these early signs of stress allows you to make a change before subtle pains progress into something worse.

  2. Decreases Levels Of Cortisol
    We can go on all day at how cortisol, our stress hormone, can wreak havoc on our mind and body. Yes, it is an essential hormone, but modern lifestyles often subject individuals to chronically elevated levels of cortisol, which is not good, to say the least.

    Constantly high levels of cortisol promotes inflammation within our body which can manifest as headaches, hormone imbalances, bloating, frequent infections, and even depression. As you likely have heard, all disease is a form of inflammation.

    Meditation is a proven method to lower cortisol. Slow and deep intentional breathing relaxes the body, signalling the adrenal glands to slow down on cortisol production. This gives your body a much needed break from inflammation-inducing cortisol, leaving you in a better physical and mental state.

  3. Increases Productivity
    Productivity, in the sense of sustained focus with clear intention, is elusive to everyone at some point. Issues such as fatigue and burnout can make even the simplest tasks feel impossible to accomplish.

    Meditation, although seemingly counterintuitive, can in fact increase productivity by giving a tired individual a break from what they need to do in order to refresh and recalibrate their mind [2]. Since meditation relaxes the mind and body, seemingly large tasks can be viewed in a more manageable way once an individual has had time to step away from them and centre themselves.

    The result: more time dedicated to wellness leads to an increase in productivity, which means less time spent ‘working’!

  4. Promotes Happiness
    Thanks to the false perception of “real life” curated on social media, among other influences, many people believe not being happy 24/7 means they’re doing something wrong. The truth is, the human experience just doesn’t work this way, and nobody will ever feel happy all the time.

    That said, meditation can help increase your overall happiness with life, or at least reduce the power and duration of negative experiences. It does this by creating a safe space for people to work through difficult emotions, as opposed to ignoring them and trying to ‘happily live in denial’ until the issues inevitably boil over anyways.

    Meditating is an act of self-compassion that helps people accept and process where they are emotionally. This act, practiced repeatedly and without judgement, is what can lead to greater overall happiness with life.

  5. It’s A Wellness Tool Accessible For Anybody
    You don’t have to go on expensive retreats to exotic places to develop a good meditation practice. That environment might help you reach your goals faster, but at its core, meditation is available to anyone willing to commit to it. Meditation requires only yourself, your breath and your time.

    If you want to add more to your practice, there are countless free resources that provide guided meditations (in written, audio or visual form) and affordable books to help you get started.

    Meditation can be customized to suit your needs. You can choose to meditate for one minute or one hour! You can choose to meditate on your goals, work through difficult emotions, cultivate an abundance mindset, etc. There are many styles of meditation out there which you can freely explore to find which one best suits you.

Mediation is as transformative as it is beneficial, and anybody can do it! However you decide to meditate, know that you're giving your mind and body a profound level of health benefits.

If you’re interested in using meditation to transform your life and manifest your greatest desires, you need to grab this complimentary download. These audio guides are designed by meditation experts to help you discover your true “genius” and fulfil your life’s purpose. Start improving relationships, thriving financially, and become authentically confident when you add these guided meditations to your practice. Why don’t you download this Meditation Resource and access the free Mindfulness apps whenever you need them.

Until the next time, Much Love & Appreciation


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