Why Journaling Will Improve Your Self-Care Journey #Wellness Wednesday

journaling mental health Mar 09, 2022
By Dr Tshidi Gardiner BSc BVSc PG Cert Surg MRCVS
Journaling has become a smart way to combat mental health challenges. Often, journaling is recommended to write out your thoughts to help analyse and understand emotions and concerns. Honestly, this is my go to self care tool. Understanding yourself and your own struggles can help you fulfil your desires with what you truly need. I personally use it daily to reflect, digest and plan.
Journaling can help to improve your mood by:
  • Helping you discover your emotions and concerns.
  • Helping you figure out what is at the epicentre of your feelings and problems.
  • Giving you a healthy outlet for self-reflection.
Not only is journaling important and resourceful for mental health, but it is also great for overall self-care! Strong self-care habits revolve around you being in a good headspace. If your thoughts feel messy or all over the place, it’s going to be very hard for you to stick to the other components of your self-care routine like healthy doses of exercise and rest.
The University of Rochester Medical Centre notes that “keeping a journal helps you create order when your world feels like it’s in chaos.”  Who can truly practice self-care in a chaotic environment?
If you're wondering what to write about or feel like you have 'writer's block,' you're likely thinking too hard about it. You can write about literally anything; your day, your feelings, what made you happy, what made you sad/mad, or something totally random. Anything can help promote and inspire further creativity down the road to allow for more introspective self-reflection. Remember, it won't happen overnight, but consistent journaling can and will help.
Here’s a few journal prompts that could help inspire a nice, reflective writing session! “This morning, I woke up for work and felt so drained. Despite this, I decided to get up and make the most of the day. I made a big pot of my favourite coffee, signed onto work, and got going, but I still felt awful…” - This could help you delve into what made you feel so drained when you woke up this morning after an 8-hour good night’s sleep. Is it physical? Is it mental? What’s keeping you from feeling well-rested?
Here’s another one…
“I felt really low today, despite it being a great day. I got a raise at work, my partner surprised me with roses, and I found out I’m seeing my family this weekend. But for some reason, I just feel mentally and emotionally down…” This is a great introduction to discovering why you feel so down. Is something bothering you that you’re putting on the back burner? Is it just a random sad feeling? Are you neglecting your ‘you’ time?
If you want to read more about this topic you can check out the 6 ways that journaling can improve your mental health.  If you’re looking for other ways to boost your health in natural ways, please feel free to join and share your feedback in our Mindset and Wellness Launchpad Face Book Group.
Which of these ideas above are your favourite? What do you want more or less of? Any other suggestions you would like to put forward? Just add a post in the group and tag me so I don’t miss anything.
Until then, Much Love & Appreciation


Dr Tshidi Gardiner, BSc BVSc Pg Cert Surg MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon | Wellness & Nutrition Coach | Burnout Advocate | Speaker | Mum 


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