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Reduce Your Stress Quest

Stress is a burden on the body, and if it becomes chronically elevated and prolonged, we can end up massively fatigued and run down. What we don’t always realise is the potential damage stress is doing to the inside of our bodies and how it affects our health.

If you want to feel more in control of your days and want to wake up feeling refreshed, well rested & without the weight of the world on your shoulders, then I would definitely sign up for the Reduce Your Stress Quest as part of the Burnout Prevention Quest Series. 

This is a 14-day habit coaching program that specifically focuses on all aspects of stress. Stress and anxiety are emotional states that all of us experience at certain points in our lives. I use slow behavioural modification over 14 - 21 days taking into account your environment, your capabilities, your identity and your beliefs to encourage true habit transformation.


Results you can expect include but not limited to: 

  • Understanding what is causing stress & feelings of anxiety
  • Ability to start using techniques that suit you to alleviate symptoms
  • Recognise signs of burnout and long term stress
  • Become resilient to stress
  • Achieve better emotional balance
  • Gain mental clarity & greater success

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Get ready to join the community of professionals taking back control of their time and committing to better stress-free, healthier habits.

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Here is everything You get with the 'Reduce Your Stress Quest'


  1. 15 Daily Video Lessons 
  2. Easy to listen to Audio Lessons
  3. Reduce Your Stress Quest 70 page Workbook with journal prompts
  4. 15 Daily challenges
  5. Printable Resources inc Mental Health LifeLine, Meditation 101, Wellness Toolkit, Mindfulness and more.
  6. 90 Page Anti-Anxiety e-Book
  7. BONUS Habit Tracker
  8. BONUS Weekly Planner
  9. BONUS Private Facebook Group

Click here to make that vital investment in yourself via credit/debit card or digital wallet.