Meet Tshidi

Dr Tshidi Gardiner, BSc BVSc Pg Cert Surg, MRCVS is a Wellness Coach who specialises in Mindset, Wellbeing Mentorship for Veterinary Professionals. She qualified 18 years ago as a Veterinary Surgeon.

She is now a speaker, author, wife & a proud Mum of two boys. She has a special relationship with food (don't we all?) so is also a trained Nutrition Coach. 

Her special interests lie in Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Overall Veterinary Wellness and highlighting Inclusion & Diversity in the Industry.

  • Nutrition & Wellbeing: Scientific basis of human nutrition & current concepts
  • Food as Medicine: Foods that are essential for health & wellbeing
  • Food for Thought: Relationship between food, gut and brain
  • Life Coaching Diploma
  • Certificate in Nutrition & Coaching Level 1
  • Edward Jenner Leadership for veterinary Professionals



If you are finding yourself struggling with how to implement self-care practices and create more time to love yourself in action, I can help hold you accountable and coach you through this process. My hope is that you get great information on how to Upgrade your Wellness the best way possible & reset your self care priorities.

Remember, you are not the only one struggling to find time for yourself, so don’t feel like you need to walk this path alone. I’m here for you! 

Beating Veterinary Burnout

Burnout is recognised as a break between what people are and what they have to do, and it is typically experienced as emotional exhaustion or depersonalization. It's impact is costly & considerable.

What tools do you & your team have to deal with it?

Access products that include a diverse range of science-based techniques that can be used to reduce stress. With a focus on developing coping skills and implementing ways to relax, these techniques can help us remain calm in high-pressure situations and avoid the consequences of prolonged stress.

Free Burnout Resources

Burnout Prevention requires quick access to free useful resources. Meditation & Mindfulness are really powerful but there is so much more. 

Access the current resource free to download this week that encompasses 1 or more of the principles.  

8 Principles of Burnout Prevention

  • Take steps to reduce your stress.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude.
  • Get Good rest & quality sleep.
  • Activate your brain & cognition.
  • Eat real nourishing food.
  • Build Better Boundaries.
  • Practice regular self care.
  • Use journaling & narrative medicine.


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Discover our Burnout Prevention Quest Series

A Quest is a transformational online program that will level up your life in just 20 minutes a day.

These quests are based on the 8 Principles of Burnout prevention. Each quest lasts between 2 to 4 weeks, and delivers results that last a lifetime.

Sessions are immersive, interactive & deliver daily microlearning to transform you in ways traditional education never could.

I use slow behavioural modification over 14 - 21 days taking into account your environment, your capabilities, your identity and your beliefs to encourage true habit transformation.

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Burnout Prevention Blueprint: 7 steps to avoid Veterinary  Burnout

If you are a veterinary professional and have ever felt overworked, overwhelmed, exhausted and a little hopeless by everything you've had to do, and yet still worried you aren't doing enough? Then this program is for you!

#1 - Recognise the signs

#2 - Reset your mind

#3 - Build Resilience

#4 - Reverse the damage 

#5 - Set up Recovery Rituals

#6 - Use Resources

#7 - Re-do & Repeat Steps 

 By the end of the programme you will emerge with powerful embodiment of practices & tools you will use for many years to come.

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Join Our Burnout Bootcamp

Tuesday 26th April 2022 at

8pm GMT [London time]

Join us in this free training session where I will discuss:

Warning signs of workplace burnout. Strategies on how to prevent employee burnout. Initiatives & plans for Practice Management. Fundamental Principles of Burnout Prevention and what to do next.